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Peppermint Patty Project

The Hustle and Heart Foundation has always had a passion for supporting local foster children in the Tampa Bay Area. It's the reason we formed the foundation, after all! This year we are hoping to make an even greater impact by narrowing our support focus to those who are often overlooked, or not supported in the way they truly need to be; the way they deserve to be. That's why instead of doing a major Christmas Drive for all area foster children, we've decided to shift our Holiday focus to our local special needs foster population.

Did you know that special needs foster children often go without necessary medical supplies to keep them safe and well? Did you know that, at times, a special needs foster family will be forced to choose between having medical equipment, or having childcare or activity opportunities? 


We don't think they should have to choose between health & safety needs or childcare. That's why we are targeting our focus to supply those vital medical needs to children! 

The Peppermint Patty Project is like a "Christmas in July" kind of event. We are connecting with any and all special needs foster families we can come across, and asking them what their medical needs are. Do they need safety helmets to protect the skull? What about sensory mats, limb braces, or special shoes? Whatever the need, we are working to produce it!


In July we are hosting an event for these families and foster children at Rock the Spectrum in Largo, FL. During this event the children will have access to many activities and sensory opportunities, and they will walk away with the medical equipment we are driving for today!

As always, we couldn't be successful without the support of YOU! Would you consider donating to our cause today?

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