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About the Hustle & Heart Foundation

Who We Are

The Hustle & Heart Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit based in Seminole, FL.


Founded in 2021 by the outstanding women leading the Hustle & Heart Group, a REMAX Collective, the initial intention was to expand Holiday Gift Giving to local area foster children. Prior to 2021, The Hustle and Heart Group participated in Pinellas County Elves, fulfilling the holiday wish lists or around 100 children each year.


While this might seem like an enormous undertaking to begin with, the group, led by Heather Stotts, was set on being able to do more! Heather knew the only way to make this dream of community outreach beyond holiday gifts a reality, was to start a non-profit that engaged the community to chip in. 

The first year The Hustle & Heart Foundation became a 501c3 non-profit, they sponsored holiday gifts for 238 local foster children! 

This year, The Hustle & Heart Foundation wants to take it a step further. We want to provide much needed medical equipment to local special needs foster families, see exceptional young people enjoy much deserved high school events, and engage our community in making special connections with those in long-term elderly care centers. 

Our Mission

To advocate for progressive social change while supporting physical and emotional needs through all life's transitional stages.

Our Vision

The Hustle & Heart Foundation envisions a world where all the members of our community are supported and cared for through actionable support, love, care and mentorship.

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