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Grand Friends
Events & Drives

At The Hustle and Heart Foundation, we care about everyone! We want to support everyone of all ages, from all walks of life! This is why we are also making our local elderly population a priority. 

Many of our elderly in the Tampa Bay Area are residing in long-term care facilities, with a large number of them being state funded facilities. We recognize that often these seniors go for long periods of time without any personal visitors, and we truly believe that no-one should have to go without those outside, personal connections. To put it bluntly, it can be very lonely in these facilities, and sometimes the residents go without some of the basic needs and activities that make life enjoyable.


We are thrilled to provide a little more excitement into the lives of local elderly living in long-term care facilities. We will be hosting drives and events throughout the year to brighten their day! Whether this be providing personal needs, such as clothing and basic necessities, or hosting a mini Snowpalooza for our seniors! More details to come as the year progresses.

We are so proud to be able to support our community in an impactful way! We couldn't do it without YOU! Would you consider donating today?

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